What is this knife prop thing?
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A friend picked up a peculiar curved metal knifelike object at the estate sale of a sf/f fan. I have two photos: one and two. Is this familiar to anyone? What is it?
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Sort of looks like an incense holder maybe?

The markings kind of look like letters but I can't make it spell anything. Can you?
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Your friend wouldn't happen to recall any other scifi/fandom collections or objects at the estate sale? I've been scouring fictional alien language fonts on Google Image Search along with a cropped version of your photo but I can't seem to place this particular one. I know it looks familiar to me, but being able to narrow it down would help in the search.
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Nevermind! Found it! It's a version of the alien artifact from the Steven Spielberg miniseries Taken!
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koPi_42, nice! That's it.
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