Interesting Place to Stay Along I-20 in Mississippi or Louisiana
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My husband and I will be driving along I-20 from Atlanta to Dallas soon and plan to stay overnight somewhere in Mississippi or Louisiana. Do you know of a cool/weird/interesting/kitschy place to stay along that route, say within 30-45 minutes of the highway? I am thinking something like the Tee Pee Motel, The Clown Motel, or other interesting places to stay.
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I would recommend you check out Vicksburg. Riverboat casino/hotel, and some old ante- and post-bellum homes that are now hotels.

There isn't a lot else that really comes to mind. By the time you get to Shreveport, you might as well head on to Dallas.
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That's exactly what I was going to suggest: Vicksburg. There is a battleground which gives tours there, too.
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If you're looking to stay in or near Shreveport, I highly recommend the Fairfield Place Bed & Breakfast. Let me know if you have any specific questions!
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The Windsor Ruins is a remarkable burned down remnant of the Old South, huge and haunting and not very far from Vicksburg.

Built in 1859-61 by Smith Daniell who only lived in the large mansion for a few weeks before he died, the Windsor plantation once sprawled over 2,600 acres. During the Civil War the mansion was used as a Union hospital and observation post, thus sparing it from being burned by Union troops.

However, after the Civil War, during a house party on February 17, 1890 a guest left a lighted cigar on the upper balcony and Windsor burned to the ground. Everything was destroyed except 23 of the columns, balustrades and iron stairs.

If you don't have nav It's a little hard to find, but like a lot of the South, you'll know it when you see it.
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Response by poster: Well we ended up at a La Quinta in Jackson. Not as kitchy as I'd hoped but it nice.
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