Finding an active online medical marijuana active strain discussion
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I use marijuana to treat many debilitating issues and several diseases and I was wondering if there is a forum or something that is ACTIVE on a regular basis where people can share which strains helped which symptoms for them or post/respond to questions about related stuff. Is there one?
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Leafly doesn't offer discussion though, to be clear.
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It's a one-time $10 sign-up fee, but the SomethingAwful forums seem to have a pretty active drug subforum.
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My dispensary provides this function in person. They have staff who can discuss strains and their chemical makeup, and the also host medical/patient resource group meetings pretty routinely. Do you have access to a decent dispensary?

Some years ago, before I had access to a dispensary, I was involved with a small but active chapter of Americans for Safe Access. This was pre-Facebook, and it looks like a lot of the content I used to get from my former chapter's in-person meetings is now managed through Facebook. Is there a chapter near you that has a relevant online presence?

Good luck!
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Rollitup is mostly about growing, but there are some medical forums there that may be helpful to you.
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There's also the MMJ subreddit .
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