When did it last snow in San Francisco?
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Can anyone remember the last time it snowed in San Francisco?

Bonus points if you can remember the last time there was any significant accumulation, or point me to the all-time snowfall record. So far, I have a poorly-sourced 3.7" in 1876.
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Here's a table.
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FWIW: in 1996, living in Mountain View, a few flakes fell -- not nearly enough to last beyond a split-second upon impact on the ground, but it counts IMO. Lasted about 15 minutes or so. The temp was about 39 degrees.
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Stretching the definition of "San Francisco" a bit, Mount Tam (roughly 10 mi. north of the Golden Gate) gets a dusting of snow every 3 or 4 years. Back in 2001 or so, the Marin Independent Journal ran a cover photo of a man snowboarding down Railroad Grade.
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(askme inspired by this comment?)
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I remember being at a temp job downtown in the mid-80's on one of the top floors of a skyscraper. Looking out the window, I definitely saw snowflakes; but when I went down to street level for lunch, it was obvious that it was melting way before it hit the ground.

There was snow on Tam that year, though.
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On 20 December 1998, I worked as a background extra in that cinematic masterpiece known as The Bachelor, starring Chris O'Donnell. That date was significant because, indeed, it did snow that day!

Not only were the nearby Mt. Tamalpais and Mt. Diablo mountains covered in snow, but I distinctly remember the snowflakes also falling down between the downtown Financial District skyscrapers. Here's a report from the San Francisco Chronicle on that day's unique weather.
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Thanks everyone!
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I was seven in 1952 and vaguely remember the snow. My mom said that every kid in San Francisco took a snowball home, put in in the freezer, and then tried to take it to school the next day for show and tell.
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wait, didn't it just snow here in September?
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here[ugh, big, sorry] is a picture of a snowy menlo park from 1976. i seem to remember a dusting of snow in 2001 or so that lasted a little while. i know, not SF, but i thought i'd chime in.
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Sounds like you're looking more for personal stories than data?

It snowed in the Oakland hills in December of 1992. I had just finished my sophomore final exams, and a few of us drove up to dance around and catch a few flakes on our tongues.

A cop pulled up and ordered us into the back of his car, where he proceeded to interrogate us about why we were playing hooky. We assured him that we weren't playing hooky...to no avail. The best part was when he called our school to report us, and our school yelled at him for harassing their students.

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