Adorable stores in France?
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Are there any French stores that are similar to the Dutch store Dille & Kamille, or the Danish store Sostrene & Grene? I will also gladly accept any other recommendations for adorable stores in France!

Mr. just_ducky and I are going to France for our 4th annual honeymoon, yay! I am hoping to do some shopping of course, and wondering if there are any French stores along the lines of Dille & Kamille, Sostrene & Grene, or Tiger.

I am interested in home decor, kitchen stuff, tasty food treats, stationary, jewelry, and adorable things generally. Mr. just_ducky likes looking for cheap but fun stuff to give as prizes to his kids (he's an elementary school teacher).

We will be in Paris, Dijon, Avignon, Albi, Bordeaux and Nantes.

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Pylones, definitely!

Also, hit the stores in the underground level of the Louvre, there's a lot of neat stuff there.

For touristy knick-knacks, go to Montmartre. Window shop a few stores to get a sense for the prices, then go back to whichever hit your fancy. If you buy a lot of little things, you can haggle on the price (within reason; say 10-15%).

Food treats are pretty much everywhere in France, the whole country is a foody utopia.
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Undiz is a good place for adorable knickers, think they have branches all over.
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La Vaissellerie is a good place for small gifty items. I've brought home some fun hand painted aprons from La Maison Ivre. They have all kinds of home linens. Seconding Pylones, too.

Have a delightful trip!
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Best answer: HEMA is Dutch, but exists in France, too. I know there's one at Les Halles in Paris (not underground, on the North Side, rue Rambuteau).
Pylônes is amaaaaaazing, but way, way pricier than Tiger, Søstrene Grene etc.
There's also a very cute stationery shop called L'Ecritoire on rue St-Martin (right by Saint Merri church).
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Best answer: Check out merci
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