Recommendations for couples counselling in Vancouver, Canada?
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My spouse and I have come to a point where we either have to resolve some long standing issues or break up. I'm looking for recommendations for couples therapists in Vancouver to help us work these issues out.

We both work and we have a 2 year old daughter, so I was hoping to find someone would be able to provide at least some sessions over the phone or through skype/facetime as our weeks are busy and getting a babysitter to cover on the weekend is pretty hard. If we need to though, we can travel to Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or New West quite easily.

I'd also prefer a registered psychologist as I may be able to get some of the cost covered through my extended medical plan.

I'm pretty at sea here - never done any therapy before, so I really don't know any other requirements. If it helps, I'd say what I want out of it is for us to learn how to disagree as a couple without having it end up in threats of divorce, and to learn how to appreciate each other again.
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I have heard great things (ie positive first-hand experiences) about Jenn DeRoo, a couples counsellor based in Vancouver. One of the things I've heard is that Jenn is very progressive and flexible, so doing some sessions over Skype may well be possible.
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I had good experience with Ruth S. Nyman, but she is a registered social worker, not pyschologist. Many extended health plans do cover them.
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