Bookends in Chicago?
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Where would one find a decent set of bookends in Chicago?

I'm trying to find some bookends that are simple and classic for my mom, a school teacher. The bookends that I do seem to see are of the bear/eagle/fox genre. What kinds of stores should I even start with?
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Any reason you can't or don't want to order them online?
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I have nowhere to ship it to. I'm up here during the week working, staying at a friends place and then will spend christmas in Indianapolis. Also timing I suppose.
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I would imagine that that these are not hard to find...What about furnishing stores such as Crate and Barrel or Room and Board? Marshal Fields on State?
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What is a "decent" set of bookends? I saw a nice pair in Macy's yesterday. They were marble, red and shaped like hearts without being all valentine-y.

You could always rent a mailbox. Mailboxes Etc. will rent by the month, I think.
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Art Institute Gift shop. Lions. Oh my.
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Barnes and Noble carries a wide selection of bookends. The stores seem to have more than what's mentioned on the website, but if there's something that strikes your fancy here , then take down the number and call a store.
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I would second the Art Institute gift shop (on Michigan Avenue) and also suggest:

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio giftshop in Oak Park

Chicago Cultural Center Gift Shop

Chicago Visitors Center Gift Shop

Ten Thousand Villages in Evanston (Purple Line to Main Street stop)

A New Leaf in Old Town...amazing, beautiful gifts...not just plants and flowers. And the store is enormous but separated into many tiny rooms.

Gallery 37 Shop
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Newberry Library Bookstore.
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