App discovery in 2016
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Where do you go for (iOS) app reviews and reccomendations?

I'm aware of Product Hunt, but I want more (and more exclusively iOS)! AppAdvice and MacStories are also reasonable, but I can't help feeling that there is more out there if I only knew where to look. Where do you go to find new apps?
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Odd as it sounds, I have the Starbucks app, and it sends me a free app download about once a week. I've gotten some decent games and photo apps from it.
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Honestly there aren't that many good apps. Do you even need more?

I used to read MacStories but I don't really search for apps anymore. When something big and important is released, it's all over Twitter.

That said, the very much not iOS-exclusive One Thing Well is excellent. You can subscribe to the iOS tag only though!
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For primarily gaming related IOS apps, I use TouchArcade. They will occasionally do apps outside of gaming, but that's their primary. They have a 'sister' site, called AppShopper that's basically a dump of everything available with options to sort by new, categories, etc...
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Apart from the excellent suggestions above: The Daily App. But yeah, everyone's just about covered everything of note, so these days it's basically all of these sites reporting at the same time when any good new app appears.
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Just stating the obvious but if you go into the categories in the iOS App Store you can see which apps are highest rated.

The other thing you can do is ask people here on AskMeFi what apps they like, but you might want to limit that question to specific categories or functions. Of course you can also search for past such questions asked here as well.
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Apps Gone Free is an app that points you to a handful of (often for-a-limited-time) free apps every day.
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Weird Apps for iOS
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Another source for free apps that usually cost money: BGR.
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floatboth: No, I don't need any more, but that doesn't stop me from wanting more!
Thanks everyone for your answers; WeirdApps, One Thing Well, and The Daily App are new to me, so I've marked them as best answers.
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