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What are the best non-furniture things from IKEA? Plants? Plants stands? Small storage? Hangers? Cushions? Gee-gaws? Open to suggestions, especially kid stuff and decorative stuff that's modern and inexpensive.
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The wooden train sets are used and beloved by every kid I know. Also way cheaper than non-IKEA wooden train sets.
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I love our IKEA plants. I felt like they were a good price compared to our local offerings and they've held up relatively well despite my black thumb. Just the other day I was wishing I'd gotten all of our planters there, too--we have this one which is a good size and looks really rich in person, but I wish I'd spent just that extra little bit to get a few of these standard white planters too.

We also have several duvet covers that have held up really well despite their low price, and I've heard good things about the sheepskins as a decorative throw over chairs. I'll probably get a few next time we're there.
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We use these spice racks in arms' reach of the kids' beds for the books that they are reading and what's on deck - also tissues, sippy of water, etc.

Apparently pinterest has lots of ideas!
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This $10 folding tent (BUSA) is one of our daughter's favorite things.
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SAMTID Floor/reading lamp. Key point: it's adjustable, so it can be a general room lighting / floor lamp, bedside lamp, reading lamp, etc. Fits with most styles. Comes with a shitty plastic lampshade, but you can change it (I got one with off-white fabric for a slightly warmer glow). Furniture-ish but some of their carts aren't terrible. I like this rug.
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Paper napkins
Sheets and other bed linens
Fabric (so inexpensive and fun!)
Wrapping Paper
Glass Vases
Christmas ornaments
All the stuff for your patio
Picture frames and posters
Office gee-gaws
That posing wooden figure
All the kids stuffed animals
The painting easel and roll of paper
Electrical containment systems
Those $3 glass, square lamps, good for up-lighting
Funky kids lamps
Chandeliers, especially the artichoke
Toilet Brushes (at $1 apiece, buy in bulk, toss when they get just slightly funky)
Pot holders
Glass and plastic food containers

Pretty much everything on the ground floor.
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Bevara sealing clips to seal opened packets of stuff.
Istad plastic bags.
JÄMKA food containers are good value.
BEKVÄM step stool - useful just about everywhere.
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The LACK side table I bought was $7.99 on sale, and I went back to buy another the next weekend. Great for nightstands or end tables. The LACK wall shelves are nice as well, and the lacquered finish ones look fantastic.

The doll bed, at $20, is very well made of actual wood and has been put to use by a ton of people online as a cat bed.
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I have a blue stuffed giraffe I got on an impulse a while ago. It hasn't been subjected to children but it has been crammed and crushed and moved across the country and generally abused and yet all the stitches are intact and the neck is not floppy. I haven't paid close attention to ikea's current stuffed animal offerings but if they seem well made when you check them out I'd trust it.

Not sure if this counts as furniture but I've had a floor length mirror in a wooden frame for years that was much cheaper than similar mirrors elsewhere and it has stood up well to all manner of things, and I like that it is relatively light while still being heavy enough to be stable so I can lug it around if I need to.

Their serving trays are great, useful things. I have a few different ones and they stand up to lots of environments and gunk as opposed to trays from target and crate and barrel and amazon that have warped and scratched and discolored. Also the one with cute bright birds on it served as wall art for a couple years.
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Led light bulbs! Kitchen stuff! Basically the whole downstairs :)
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Also, I bulk-buy their brown (kraft) paper giftwrap whenever I see it.
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Ikea sells pretty good butcher blocks, tea towels, and paper napkins.
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IKEA highchair- all plastic and easy to clean, also very safe.
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Yes! The sheepskins are the best price I can find on them anywhere, and are luxuriously soft.
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SOCKER isn't airtight, but it holds small houseplants nicely. I put one of those wire tiny light strings in there too, and now it's SOCKER of Feline Temptation.
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I am very fond of my plushie plague rat.
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Almost all of our bedding, adult and kids, is from IKEA and it is both comfy and easy to clean. Weirdly never pills, either, even though a lot of it is (I'm sure) a poly mix.
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Wooden clothes hangers
Picture Frames
Magnetic Strip for Knife Hanging
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Bed Pillows
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I have purchased some pretty nice end-grain butcher blocks there.
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My cats and I like the TOFTBO bath mats.
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Glass vases and candle holders, along with the decorative stones to put in the bottom of them
Clips for holding plastic bags closed in the kitchen
A plastic laptop stand that was about $3 and is the perfect angle
A flat-bottomed wok
Spice racks that were also about $3 and hold 5-6 big spice jars
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Not a decorative item, but I'll go out my way to get Ikea's plastic ziploc baggies. Really, they're that good -- two different sizes in one box, double zip. Love 'em. They also sell a large rectangular plastic storage container in the kitchen area, that I use to do my hand washing and also for cleaning with warm sudsy water that I carry around the house. On the decorative side, small throw rugs to wipe your feet when you enter from the rain and long sheers for curtains. This was a great question, btw.
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Tea light candles. They burn almost completely and clean. I've tested them against target and other drug stores, but IKEA's are just a step above.
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In a kitchen with more wall than counter space, the rail and hook systems are a godsend. You do need a lot of wall, though. There is one that holds paper towels, aluminum foil and wax paper.
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the 100x of tea lights are the best deal. pretty decent quality and burn longer than any other tealight I've ever had.

We make Ikea trips specifically for lingonberry jam, meatballs and tealights.
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I bought a salad spinner from there five years ago. Works great, was super cheap.
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The lingonberry jam is delicious. I've had various other items, the names of which escape me. A stool, a lamp, some candles, a shower caddy. My mom likes their silverware. The Malma mirror is pretty versatile.
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All of their candles are great, in my opinion. The regular tapers burn for a long time and very evenly. They virtually never drip. I'm almost out and will have to make the trek to the store again shortly!
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IKEA has a line of dollhouse IKEA furniture, scaled slightly smaller than a Barbie but displays with them just fine -- and a reversible cardboard backdrop to match. My doll-loving better half loves them immensely.
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Their can opener is pretty good.
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Oh! And their tupperware equivalent is fantastic. You get so many tubs for five bucks, and they all stack really tidily. We replaced all of our containers (except for one large round one) and haven't looked back.
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Not really the season, but we bought a bunch of adorable Christmas ornaments made from fabric and metal at IKEA when our first kid was one and at just the right age to lurch around and grab at the tree. In the four years and 1 additional child since then I have continued to bless their total indestructibility.

Also, the wooden train sets are great and basically compatible with Thomas/Brio/Melissa & Doug etc.
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I mourn the retirement of the EXPEDIT series bookshelves and TV unit which have been replaced by KALLAX and LAPPLAND, respectively.
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The demon that lives in the air: Oh! And their tupperware equivalent is fantastic.

I agree, but they tend to shatter in the freezer, so don't use them in there.
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Do not buy the pint glasses. They are almost laughably fragile despite seeming sturdy.

The laundry octopus is really great for hang-drying sportsbras or socks or whatever.
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I like their wrapping paper and paper good (napkins, etc) in general.

A lot of their dishware is well designed. I have used the hell out of their cheap cutting boards.

Their fabric is nice - it has well designed prints and the weight is good for projects that want heavier weight stuff. I have never slept on the sheets but the prints are nice and it's another way to get a lot of fabric for cheap.
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The duvet covers are less than half what you would pay even at Target. And the one I got said it can be washed on hot. Which is good because my dog likes to snuggle in bed, and I like a clean house.
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I also have the kitchen organizers that are wall mounted rods with various hooks and bins that hang off of them.
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Their dish towels are ridiculously cheap and absorbent. I bought a pack of them 8 years ago and they continue to be awesome.
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If you have small (kindergarten or lower) children, the MALA long-sleeve apron is great. We used it for messy art projects and as a bib for a very messy eater.

The $5 roll of art paper is a good deal.

All of the toys we've gotten at IKEA were well-made and lasted a long time.

The POKAL glass isn't as cute as a lot of their other styles, but it is indestructible. They're the only drinking glasses our kids (and dogs) haven't broken.
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I have a little tiny rug and a bin from the children's section that have wonderfully accessorized my dog's little area. The rug especially is cute because it's so tiny and he just curls right up on it and I think it was, gosh, maybe $6?

Their spatulas are great at $1 each.

And back to the rugs again, their cheap rugs are wonderful. They're not the most luxe, but honestly at $15 they're essentially disposable, which is great when you have pets. For some reason, other stores punish you for being cheap with your rugs by only offering fugly ass brown colored tacky crap in that price range (and seriously, you're not going to find a living room sized area rug (like 5'x7') for under 30 bucks anywhere else, not even the ugly shit). But ikea lets you have brightly colored, fun designs for cheaaapp. With that and their endless supply of $7 throw pillow covers, you can totally change the color scheme of your living room for a pittance whenever you're bored.

They also have hooks shaped like dogbutts that are great for hanging leashes on.
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Spoka! My kids love those night lights. Also the Mala watercolor set, stamps, and paint.
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beautiful, elegant, non-denominational holiday cards (they just say "peace" or something like that.) Somehow the proceeds benefit UNICEF. I buy them even knowing full well that I rarely succeed in sending holiday cards - they make me aspire!
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oh and relatively small, very flat, but still grippy and effective door mats, great for putting inside the front and back doors to supplement the dirty outdoor mats for extra shoe cleaning.
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oh! the Variera drawer organizers are luxe as hell. Ever since getting these I want to clap every time I open my silverware drawer.
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Their plastic food boxes are great, because they're cheap enough that I can buy a bunch* and they don't suck. We have so many sets in our apartment, at least 10, probably more. Every time I go to Ikea I buy another two or three.

*My belief is that food storage boxen's effectiveness is inversely related to how cheap they are. Even if a single box is the best box ever, if it's too expensive for me to have a lot, then I'm totally hosed.

We also ended up getting four dry measuring cups there. Easy to clean, and the measurements are stamped into the metal handle, so they can't wear off.
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I like the Ikea lint rollers. They're not the stickiest, but they're quite cheap (so you can keep one everywhere) and their diagonal peeling wrapper is easier to peel than most other rollers that I've found.
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Absolutely IKEA plants. They're crazy cheap and so great. Snake plants in abundance. And they usually have new shoots coming through.
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this pepper grinder is major bang for the buck. we have several (gotta keep your peppers sorted!)
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My daughter loves the frozen Swedish pancakes served with Ikea strawberry jam. All of their jams are very tasty.

She also has the Kura convertible bed loves it.

Their stuffed animals are great - we have a large collection of them.

If your Ikea has the pick-your-own candy, get some. It's super-tasty.
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I love their dishwashing brushes. This one's my fav. (FIFTY CENTS!) (And again, FIFTY. CENTS.) and this one's okay but doesn't have the scrapy part on the back. I've run mine through the dishwasher and used them endlessly. I usually grab a few when we head there to keep on hand.

We have one of their dishware sets in blue and it's amazing. Had it over a year and no chips or breaks. Best part is it's $24 for 18pc and comes in a few colors. (All dinnerware here.)

They've got a bajillion storage boxes. These ones fit two rows of DVDs and we used them in our cabinet for all our DVDs and games. (At $6/pc.)

Nthing the blankets and duvet covers. I have both. They're awesome. One that was super cheap was kinda scratchy and I have sensitive skin, but the more expensive ones were fine.

I also love their wrapped hanging pendant cords. They have red and black/white. Other hanging pendant cords that are colored are like $30 and theirs are $8. (Nthing the LEDs)

Their cushion covers are super cheap and awesome. Though I found the cushion inserts themselves aren't as fluffy as I'd like. Ours got squished but we do actually use them for support.

They have some of the best prices around for frames and large photos, and mirrors galore.

Lots of people use this $40 bench in a variety of ways. I think there was an Apartment Therapy listacle with it but I can't find it.

I'm in love with these new bowls ($4) but haven't bought them, but damn are they cute.

Also I know you said besides furniture, but they sell a lot of raw, unfinished pine stuff that you can paint yourself and turn into whatever you want. (Which to me leans towards decor, especially accent tables.) And because I need to brag, that's what we did to our dining room set (cabinet also from Ikea.)

We also have a giant stuffed shark we got on impulse because it was like $8. (Normally $15) Because we're adults, damnnit.

ETA: I am aware I have an Ikea issue.
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Plastic silverware! Great for outdoor parties, OK to put in the dishwasher, solid, and bulletproof. The little plastic cups are great for the toothbrush area. The napkins are also great.
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Seconding the lint brushes and ziplocks. I redid my lighting with the SINNERLIG lamps-- I think they're gorgeous, and design classics. I was really happy when the small TOFTBO was released, because it finally fits my bathroom. The soft toys designed by kids are fun, and the quality is good.
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Also, no one has mentioned WHY the plants are so great: A high proportion of plants they sell are "let it dry out before watering and water sparingly" plants. I'm not sure if this is so their employees don't have to bother too much or because of their customer demographic, but that's definitely something I look for in a plant. (Little known fact: Snake plants actually flower, but only if you neglect them enough and they're root-bound enough. Mine blooms every year. My secret is to water it only every 2-3 months.) Don't get their orchids though. I've found that orchid bought elsewhere can rebloom the next year, but my ikea ones refuse.
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If you're buying the cheap wooden chopping boards, splash out on the mineral oil they sell to treat them - it easily doubles the life of the boards, and makes them much more resistant to smells and stains.

And when they do get old and worn-out, they split easily to make kindling!
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Plush toys, rolls of paper, pepper grinder, lint rollers, kitchen hooks, ziplock bags, doormats, towels, duvets and duvet covers, holiday lights, cardboard storage boxes. Batteries, LED bulbs. Lingonberry jam, pear soda, elderflower cordial.

And those blue bags? Buy a few extra. I've got one full of kindling right now.
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My daughter will only drink out of the multicolored stripey plastic cups we got her from Ikea. She has other cups but will not accept them except under dire circumstances.
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Be careful with their glass items. While I'm sure quality varies across product types, we've had a couple of tall vases break and shatter in a manner that goes beyond annoying, all the way past potentially injurious and straight into horror-show-flying-shards-of-oh-fuck territory.
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Blue bags. I use them for laundry. I had one that lasted 10+ years before I finally used to donate stuff, and it probably could have lasted another couple.
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We made a trip last year just to buy the blue bags. Seriously. There are two sizes. I like the smaller and relatively deeper ones best.

Also, bowls and flatware.
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The little felt pads they sell to stick to the legs of your furniture are exceptional. Compared to all the other brands I've tried, the IKEA ones are the only that keep sticking. I've considered making a pilgrimage to IKEA just for those stupid little felt discs.

I had bad luck with a plant--erupted with some sort of horrifying mite infestation about a week after I brought it home. I would try it again though, because the prices are good and the plant selection is very low maintenance friendly.
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The wooden train sets are used and beloved by every kid I know. Also way cheaper than non-IKEA wooden train sets.

Please bare in mind that the Ikea wooden train tracks are NOT compatible with Brio. They literally won't connect to the Brio track.

I always end up buying more bag clips. Can't have too many bag clips.
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The pop-up tunnel that goes with the BUSA tent above is really great. It is noticeably higher quality fabric and construction than other kid tunnels I've seen. I'm planning on getting the tent that goes with it when we go back.
Also the stripey plastic kid's dishes and flatware. We bought a whole set and they're fantastic. They're perfect for microwaving things, as the plastic doesn't heat up in the microwave at all.
I've gotten many a picture frame there and been pleased.
These kitchen towels. I've probably gone through half a dozen sets over the years. They are absorbent and hold up really well.
Really great wrapping paper.
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Our kids have gotten a lot of mileage out of the toddle wagon. Our twins push each other around the house with it, bashing into all kinds of things, with no apparent ill effect. They've been doing that since they were 2, and they're now 5. Their older brother also used it, but not to the level of use that the twins have made of it.
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Oh yeah, and I love their white terrycloth bathrobe.
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I love the FROST laundry drying rack. Heavy unbendable powder-coated steel, lots of horizontal space, and wide enough to hang adult clothing without scrunching. I've got two of them!
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I love my Ikea knife. Huge, cuts through anything. It has a wooden handle and it is damascene steel. I don't know what they call it, but I call him Thor.
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Coffee beans, specifically Kaffe Hela Bönor Mörkrost, the dark roast bags. I wouldn't say it's the absolute best coffee I've ever had, but it's at least as good as coffee three times its price and is actively enjoyable. I go through about a bag a week at work which is totally fine and not alarming, and stock up like some kind of prepper every few months.

(The cafetières are ok, if you share my habit of smashing them before the filter part manages to get distorted anyway. The glass airtight storage jars are genuinely good.)

Seconding frames. We have a ton of prints and illustrations in Ribba frames, and other than one in strong sunlight which peeled (and several I smashed), they've been a delight.
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The Bevkam step stool is awesome. The one I have I bought over 15 years ago and it is still rock solid (I did paint it with an oil based paint and glued it together when I assembled it )

hefty and pretty! napkins. They have new patterns all the time.

I've had a Palmlilja duvet cover (in a different colorway) for probably 5-8 years and it still looks great! (I like how the pillow cases have a fold over part that keeps the pillows inside.

My new favorite thing is the bulk candy bins! (salty licorice octopuses!)
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nthing the blue bags they sell at the checkout. I've been through three moves where those bags have been mega champs.
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Their hooded baby towels are excessively nice compared to the Carter's trash I paid way more for elsewhere. Next time I go I am stocking up for baby shower gifts.
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I love the big blue bags. They are the best container I've found for hauling laundry up and down steep basement stairs.
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Mala baby dish set, plastic bibs, play tunnel, felt fruit.
Just got a socker plant stand and it's great, everyone who has seen it so far wants one. Got some plants, not sure of quality yet. I had gotten a tree years ago that didn't do well despite my efforts (and i am usually good with plants) do we shall see.
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I also love the big blue bags for laundry. Also we used them to haul Christmas presents to my in-laws', which was nifty.

I bought a few of the blue bowls that Crystalinne mentioned, and actually I wasn't that fond of them, they chipped really easily.

I have one of these coat hooks at my office. It's super charming and quite practical.

We have some Ikea plants at the office. Some are sturdier than others, but in general they have been a nice addition. The pots are nice looking, I think they're KARDEMUMMA (which comes in various sizes).
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They've got some of the nicest shower curtains out there, IMO. Some of them have interesting designs and are waterproof without being plasticky. The stores have more designs than are shown on the website.
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My cats are obsessed with Toftbo. I need hoard a few spares in case they stop making them.
Paper napkins
S hooks
Tupplur black out blinds
Spontan magnetic board
Helmer drawers
wrapping paper - so much grey and black!
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I've not read the whole thread, so apologies if either of these things have been mentioned before, but I think the big plastic floor protector (here) is fantastic. It's not much to look at, but it really saves a lot of wear and tear on your carpet if you work from home and have a wheely office-type chair. It's saved me a couple of rental deposits (they love to get you on carpet wear) so not a bad £12 investment.

This clothes hanger is great, too. It seems to be much better quality than the ones you get from your typical pound shop, and it's much easier to hang on the washing line if you're short because it has a big thing on the bottom to get hold of (as it were)!

Until recently, I lived less than half a mile from a huge IKEA, so it was quite handy to pop there and get this sort of thing rather than go elsewhere for them. I always used to curse the traffic generated by the place on a Sunday afternoon, though...!
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The Popsicle molds (that lets you take out one at a time) are the best (if a tad small) and the cheapest I've found so far.
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Ribba picture frames are a budget designer favourite. I also recommend the bedding, lint rollers, light bulbs and batteries.
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The Dimpa clothing/bedding storage bags are amazing. They are made from that indestructible shit that fedex packaging is made out of. The smaller one is big enough for a heavyweight down comforter, and the larger one can fit 6-7 pillows if you are quick enough with the zipper after smooshing them in. I use them for all of our off season clothing and bedding storage. Also, at $4 they are cheap as hell.
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I love the wrapping paper, gift tags, napkins, plastic ziploc bags, tupperware, washcloths, and those elderflower juice boxes as cocktail mixers but I don't think anyone has mentioned the grocery bags that fold into themselves, and the whole UPPTACKA line of travel items, I have these two in particular that are practically indestructible. I always buy their bandaids too, I wouldnt recommend them for quality but they are damn cute.
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Several people have mentioned towels, but I'd like to give a specific shoutout to these. I keep a stack of them by my door to wipe down slushy wet shoes, muddy dog feet, wet dog, exploded groceries, etc, and they're great to grab and throw at spills on the floor as a first line of defense. I use them once or twice and just toss them into a bucket--once the bucket's full I do a load of laundry and bleach the crap out of them and they're good to go again. Cheap, absorbent, no-care craptowels!
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I've got two of the Hemnes coat hooks; they're good looking, very solid, easy to mount, and work great (I use them to put coats on bottom hooks, hats on top hooks).
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Am really just nthing here, but in case the extra vote helps: all the textile items - towels, bedding, cushion covers.
I also like:
* ikea ps 2014 plant stand for its 70s vibe
* the tjena boxes fit cds (out of their cases, in plastic sleeves) and the kallax shelves, formerly expedit, fit records
* the wooden hangers, they're great.
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The garlic press.
I less than three mine.

I was surprised too.
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The bag clips also make really great, will-stay-in-place-for-hours hair clips if you don't mind looking like a dork.
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I was really resisting having an entire house furnished by Ikea (having moved overseas a year and a half ago, then bought a house, and the only things I had shipped from the States were about 9 boxes, a bike, and a spinning wheel, so I was starting from zero). And yet, somehow my bathroom and kitchen both are stocked out with various Godmorgon racks, one bar with hanging holder thingies and kniferack, all of which are amazing. I was a little iffy on "but I don't want my kitchen and bathroom to be matchy-matchy" but it turns out, the Grundtal stuff is so versatile. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE having all my pans hanging, it's so convenient, and it's so freaking sturdy I even hang my cast iron skillet with no fear. And the other little bits and bobs just sort of fitted in there -- I have some Barbar and Besoka melamine trays that double as brightly colored backsplashes in the kitchen, and I will second pipeski's recommendation of the mineral oil for cutting boards and oiling regularly (I've never yet had one die on me, and the one I gave away when I moved was 10 years old). Also, their Trojka scissors are damn near indestructible, for like a buck. It's crazypants. The Istad plastic ziplock bags are also awesome.

I've got three of their rugs now, too (a cheapie Hulsig for the office floor, a Randerup and a Vidstrup), and the felt padding they sell makes a real difference, plus I feel like the Randerup and Vidstrup are actually really great fuzzy, quality rugs.
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A person I know who makes some of her family's clothes mentioned that the linen fabric IKEA sells is an amazingly good bargain.

My relatives who live in India reallllly like the IKEA tealight candles and will request that family members making trips to the US bring back 100-packs of them.
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