Best non-iTunes Podcast Experience?
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What's the best non-iTunes way to easily discover, subscribe, and manage podcasts?

I have an Android phone and use a google account and chrome browser for most of my internet based life. I see that Play will be releasing a podcast section "soon", but I cannot wait!

Please give me your best Android & Browser based options. If the service can sync with both, that'd be amazing!

Bonus question: Any great non-"top 40" podcast suggestions?
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Best answer: Podcast Addict! It's available for Android. My favorite podcasts are RISK, The Mortified Podcast, and Welcome to Night Vale.
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Best answer: I like Pocket Casts.
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Best answer: I use BeyondPod for this.
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2nding Pocket Casts. Well worth the price.
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Best answer: Another vote for Pocket Casts. I tried a few free podcast management apps on Android but was happy to find this one and pay for it because it was so superior. I've never used the web player (costs an additional $9, apparently) but that's mainly because I only listen to podcasts on my commute. It looks like the web player will sync progress across devices.
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I'm a big fan of GPodder, which is a Windows/Linux/Mac desktop client that does not sync with my phone. You give GPodder an RSS feed, download your podcasts, and then put them on your phone or MP3 player. Easy peasy and dependable.

As for podcast recs, what are you interested in? There's a lot out there, it'd be good to have a starting point.
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Best answer: Pocket Casts again. One of those apps where you never really think about how it works, cause it just does everything right in the first place.
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Pocket Casts is great, but it doesn't support password protected podcasts. I have a Season Pass to access password protected premium content from The NoSleep Podcast, so I use Podcast Addict.
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I do use the Pocket Casts webplayer and it's great. I can add stuff right from the browser and it just magically shows up on my phone.
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I like OneCast, which is free but has ads if your data is on. I prefer to manually download/delete episodes and only download via wifi, and OneCast lets you turn off updates/streaming. It only loads new episode descriptions via WiFi. The interface is really unobtrusive but if you are the type of person who wants to listen through from the beginning of a long series it is kinda annoying to download each episode manually.

As for recommendations, I mostly listen to comedy podcasts. Improv 4 Humans is definitely the best in terms of consistency, plus lately they've had some amazing musical guests to inspire improv. If you're not used to it its bewildering at first (I wasn't) but I can agree with Matty B that its the best podcast in the universe. For a similar type (improv) but very different tone, try Dead Authors, a live podcast in which HG Wells interview famous Dead Authors.
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I use BeyondPod, and my only beef its its slightly unpredictable SmartPlay playlist generation system. Be sure to force it to save podcasts to your SD card if your phone has one.

I've heard great about PocketCasts, but i've been with BeyondPod so long (and the few bucks I paid for it can buy my loyalty a little longer).

A few years ago when I was shopping for an Android app that ended up being BeyondPod, the other one that was its hottest competitor was Doggcatcher.
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Podcast Addict for me.
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Nthing Pocketcasts.

I tried several other android podcast apps and found pocketcasts was WAY better for me than anything else. I was happy to pay the cost.
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Response by poster: Started using pocket casts and it's great! Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'll mark addict and beyond down for a rainy day.
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