Cruise or sightseeing in Fort Lauderdale area or key west
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My husband and I will fly down to Florida for 1 week. I am looking for some activities in south Florida that you went to and you loved. We don't have kids :) Thanks
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I liked visiting Hemingway's house in Key West. Be advised: Key West has very few beaches. If you want to be on the beach, do that in Ft. Lauderdale.
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We did a sunset kayak tour in Key West with Blue Planet a couple years ago and loved it.

2nding the Hemingway House - especially if you like cats :-)
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We did a Little Havana Food / Walking Tour in Miami. It was a great way to spend 3 hours.
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If you like camping and Kayaking, my wife and I did this trip suggested by the NYT a few years ago and had a really good time: The Campster in the Everglades.

Didn't feel touristy at all, was pretty quiet and relaxing, and just really enjoyed the trip.
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Want a less crowded beach? John U Lloyd State Park. Take a cooler, lunch, plenty of sunscreen.

Then go get really great ice cream at Jaxson's, a local tradition that gets tourists but is still a magnet for locals.
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In Fort Lauderdale, go to the beach, eat on Las Olas Blvd (cute street with restaurants/boutiques.)

In Key West, you can do water "adventure" tours which are super fun - they take you out on a catamaran and then snorkel, jet ski, parasail, etc. Lots of times they also include the aforementioned sunset cruise the following day. Fury is a good one.

The drive from Fort Lauderdale --> Key West is very scenic and relaxing in my opinion, so even though it's long it doesn't feel monotonous. You can stop at Keys Fisheries for lunch on the way down, and if you have time, Bahia Honda State Park has beautiful beaches and snorkeling. I live in Fort Lauderdale and I would spend the majority of your time in the Keys with the exception of going to the beach.
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..also, in the Keys, like some have suggested here... you need to get ON the water. Take a tour, go snorkeling, whatever. The Keys really open up, and you will appreciate them more, if you can spend a fair amount of time on the water. The sunsets down there are gorgeous whether you take a sunset tour or not.
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As you drive back from the Keys, just as you reach the "mainland" there is a turnoff to the Everglades park. Go.
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I like Aruba for lunch. Right on the Beach at the end of Commercial.

If you're into shopping, check out Sawgrass Mills, at Sunrise and the Sawgrass Expressway. Outlet shopping mostly, but restaurants and movie theaters too.

Bonnet House in Fort Lauderdale, or Vizcaya in Miami if you like to tour houses.

There are water taxis on the Intracoastal Waterway, and if you stay in the Doubletree Gallery One on Sunrise there's a stop right there.
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For the drive down (or back):

- Fruit and Spice Park!
- Wild Bird Sanctuary!

I also love stopping at all the small produce stands on the way down. Mamey milkshake FTW.
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We really enjoyed a day trip to Dry Tortugas. I snorkels and ate lunch next to a pelican!
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We had a fantastic time at the Flamingo Gardens - lots of animals and birds, even more loose and wandering around than caged. El Guanaco was a balm to my Texas-exile palate - you just can't get good South American food where I am.
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