To Vet or not to Vet?
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My cat Binky has become "Blinky" - do I need to take her to the vet? YANMV

On Sunday, I noticed a little yellow discharge in the corner of Binky's right eye, by Sunday evening she was definitely in the throes of what looked like an eye infection, her eye was watering (clear liquid, no more yellow stuff) and she was blinking and winking a lot, seemed to have trouble opening her eye fully... I could also see her third eyelid a little bit, although there was no redness or discoloration of her cornea or any eye bulging or anything like that.

I called the vet on Monday and the earliest appointment I could get for a non emergency was this afternoon (Wednesday). In the meantime, I've done a lot of googling about what it potentially could be.

Her eye has significantly improved since Monday. It was still watering yesterday but she can open it much wider. This morning, it was almost hard to notice anything was wrong. It's not watering any where nearly as much, she can open it much wider and has a spring in her step again.

I want to be a good Cat mum and do the right thing, but I also don't want to overreact if it's improving day by day. According to my googling, many cat eye infections will clear up on their own.... but also, if it IS Serious, she could lose her sight.

I do have a vet appointment for 4.30pm tonight and I'm not sure if I should cancel. The vet is always very traumatizing for Binky. She usually pees herself as soon as I put her in the car and this is upsetting for both of us. But on the other hand, if it is a serious eye infection, I would feel horrific if I didn't take her.

The other complicating factor is that we are supposed to be going away this weekend, so if the vet does prescribe antibiotics, we will need to cancel those plans (not a problem of course, just something to think about)

I do have a tendency to just go to the vet when there are any signs of issues in the cats.. and sometimes I wonder if I'm overreacting. IN this case, it does seem to be improving on its own, but I would feel awful if it was something serious and I didn't treat her.

What would you do mefites?
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I would take Binky to the vet, and also ask whether you would need to cancel your weekend plans to get the course of antibiotics taken care of.

When our cat came home from the shelter he had something similar to what Binky is experiencing, and they sent us home with a tube of erythromycin eye ointment that we applied 3 times a day. I think it cleared up within a few days of being home, and I recall asking the doctor what we should do if we have to leave the cats alone for a day or two - the vet said it was fine, just resume the treatment as soon as we get home.
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I'd call the vet and ask if they think you should still come in. You could ask them if it would make sense to cancel the appointment for today see how she's doing tomorrow - if it's worse or the same you'd go in, if it's better you'd skip it. Note that I have no idea if waiting another day is appropriate at this point - I'm really just suggesting you call the vet and get their opinion.
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Yes, I would go to the vet. You can call to ask as insectosaurus suggests but I don't think any competent vet would be able to opine without seeing her.

Re her fear of the vet, have you tried making it awesomely wonderful to go there by incorporating her favorite things into the experience, e.g. her favorite treats? That might help.

Lastly, I totally understand why there is no picture posted of Blinky Binky, but you do know that when you are less worried you need to include one of her in her normal Binky state in this thread, right?
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Response by poster: Very old picture of Binky right after we adopted her it's the best I can do right now!

And - to the vet I shall go.
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And this is the story of how my daughter's cat, Ariel, was renamed Squinty. Turns out she had an ulcer on her eye, and her little feline tear ducts didn't work right. Even after the antibiotics, we still need to give her eyedrops.
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