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I hate summer but I love sleeping with a big foofy comforter. Guide me.

Summer is THE WORST because it takes all of the joy out of sleeping for me. I am coziest when nestled under a cushy down comforter. I like pulling it up to my chin and having it cushion my head in its loving embrace. But then the weather gets warmer and since I prefer not to go all stupid with the AC the comforter has to go and I'm left with the empty indifference of sheets. I want the poof. I NEED the poof. I love sleeping so much, it's one of my favorite things, and summer robs me of all the cozy satisfaction.

I've done some googling for super lightweight comforters and summer weight comforters and the like, but they seem thin (where I'd greatly prefer poofy, if this is even physically possible), and I don't know how much I can trust them on the temperature front (I am a grumpy piece of shit when I'm hot).

If you can offer personal, first hand recommendations of comforters that fit the bill, that would be the most useful for me. Thanks!
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Here's a previous Ask thread about the same thing... some good suggestions there!
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I'm the same way and I've found it helps A LOT to have a very crisp, smooth cotton duvet cover over the comforter.
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I bought a summer weight duvet from Ikea based on advice in a previous AskMe. They rate theirs based on heat retention. It works great with a cotton duvet cover, also from Ikea, and a heavier cover in the winter.
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I speak as someone who hates hot weather but lives in Australia where it's over 80 in my bedroom half the year.

To start, I always have the fan on (I have ceiling fans)

I use a poofy down doona/duvet/quilt/whatever you call it. If it's really hot to sleep with it on I sort of cuddle into it sideways so I get the head cushioning and can snuggle but am not too hot because it isn't really over me.

I found down awesome - it stays cooler in summer than polyester ones do. When it's crazy hot I sleep on top of it, much cooler than my matress. It's quite thin (but still puffy) because to make it winter weight you clip two of them together.

Also agree with crisp cotton sheets and duvet cover.
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