Artwork from Six Feet Under Season 4 finale
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Who created the artwork shown alongside Claire's in the season 4 finale of Six Feet Under?

In the episode, several rich green/gold Rothko-like paintings were shown in the gallery along with Claire's photos. One of them seemed to be a variation of Miles Davis' Sketches of Spain album cover. Who painted these?
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HBO says Claire's artwork was created by several different artists, and I imagine any other gallery pieces shown alongside hers were created by one of those artists as well. That doesn't specifically answer your season 4 question, though...
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Artist Bruce Gray evidently did quite a few of the paintings and sculptures in season 4. Here is a link to his sculptures used in the show, not sure about the paintings.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that link Dag Maggot - one of the screencaps on Bruce Gray's site shows the names of the other "New Voices" from Claire's exhibit. Googling them brought nothing, so I'm thinking the names (other than Gray's) might be fictitious.

Gray did the sculptures used in this episode, but not the paintings.
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I know there's a discussion about the artist who made her photo-collage things on the DVD commentary track, but I can't remember if they discuss any of the other works.
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