Best snacks to buy in bulk on Amazon?
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Bonus points for diet-friendly but all snacks welcome.

I'm on a bit of a diet lately and find that I'm most successful when I have a stockpile of food to draw from every day. For instance, I eat a certain kind of homemade low sugar granola bar for breakfast every day, a savory homemade nut bar and some vegetables for lunch, and greek yogurt and various as snacks (plus, you know, dinner). However, since I am quite busy lately and can't make everything in advance, I've just hit on Amazon as a great place to buy the following in bulk:

Sugarfree Red Bull (dubious health value but sometimes necessary)
Hi-Ball Zero Calorie Caffeinated Sparkling Water
Kind Healthy Grains granola bars
Strong and Kind savory nut bars (mostly Thai Sweet Chili)

What else is excellent to buy on Amazon in bulk in the snacking factory? Chrissy Teigen's Twitter alerted me to the fact that you can also find Rice Krispies Treats Cereal and Dunkaroos in the Amazon pantry...
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big yes to those hi-ball drinks.

have you explored the offerings of Epic? I generally try to do low carb and they make a bunch of products with remarkably low or no sugar. some of the bars have a greasy mouth-feel that you might not love (or be totally okay with). probably worth experimenting with smaller purchases to find the stuff you like, which for me is the uncured bacon bites, theyre great and a much better deal on amazon than at my local whole foods.
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I love toasted seaweed as a diet snack, and I am in love with a particular brand of wasabi-flavored seaweed. It's actually cheaper to get the regular kind if you're near a well stocked Asian market, but naturally that's available via Amazon too. It fills the chip void for a minimal amount of calories.
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Habanero BBQ almonds. Taste great, low carb, and significantly cheaper in bulk on Amazon than at most stores.
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I really like Go Picnic lunchboxes, and instant oatmeal! Both can be found on Amazon.
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100 calorie bags of Skinny Pop popcorn.
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I like freeze dried apples.
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Amazon sells variety boxes of Quest bars at the bulk box price point (~$2/bar), which is nice because you get to try a lot of flavors and not have to commit to eating 12 of the vanilla almond crunch bars (a fate worse than death IMO) just to avoid paying $3.50 per bar at 7/11.
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A snack add-on/topping I like is this cheddar cheese powder. Use it mainly on popcorn but it has plenty of uses. Good way to get your cheese fix for the day without actually eating much.
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Underwood chicken spread is one of my go-tos. It can sit on the shelf for a couple years and then get smeared on bread or crackers when needed or dumped into a pack of chicken-flavored ramen to add real meat to a quick work lunch.

Mother Earth Freeze Dried Corn is another. It makes a decent snack as-is, plus goes well as an addition to soups. If you put it in with the cold water when making soup in the microwave, it's warm and rehydrated when the soup is.
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