Recommendations for custom maps?
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I have a google earth file (KML/KMZ) with about 300 companies marked on it with dropped pins and labels, and need to have a hard-backed wall map and several hundred printouts made. Recommendations?

I have a google earth file (KML/KMZ) with about 300 companies marked on it with dropped pins and labels, and need to get two products made:

A wall map (somewhere in the 8-10 foot x 10-12 ft range) with a hard backing that we can display in the office.

Several hundred printouts (somewhere in the 3 ft x 4 ft range, foldable for the mail) that can be sent to customers.

Recommendations? I'm located in Houston, so wouldn't mind something local, but the last guy I tried had particularly poor quality, and looking at the map, I think he reentered all the data (because there are spelling discrepancies, slight errors in pin placement, etc)
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You can get those KML/KMZ files into a GIS application, which provides a lot more control over mapping, and doesn't require any data re-entry. I'm only familiar with Esri ArGIS, but there are a number of free alternatives if this is a tool you want to have in-house.

Your particular request (mapping and labeling points at two different scales) is pretty basic in terms of GIS capacities, so you might be able to find a print shop that has the capability to build such a map in-house. Otherwise, if you're at a total loss for someone with GIS capabilities, you can always contact a college or university and offer a student a small sum to import your points and create two maps to be printed. You might even be able to get the printing done through the college print shop, depending on their policies.
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not sure if you are looking for a recommendation for a cartography professional or a recommendation for software. however if it's the latter, you might try a free subscription of Tableau. I'm not 100% sure of the resolution of their basemaps (for printing your large wall map) but i know the software is fairly easy to use and makes pretty maps.
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i sent you a memail
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