repaired washing machine worked, then didn't
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My gf's Kenmore 80 series top-load washing machine wouldn't spin or agitate, though it did (and does) drain. I replaced the motor coupler, which was obviously broken, and the machine worked fine for 3 cycles then stopped agitating & spinning.

It makes a humming/buzzing noise when it reaches those cycles. Lid switch seems ok. Where do I go from here? Clutch seems a possibility; if it is that, is there a way to diagnose without removing the drum? Note: I'm not super handy/mechanically inclined but I can follow instructions. Thanks in advance!
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How old is the washer? Older washers had solenoid pieces called wig-wags (seriously). They sit on the transmission and control the switching into the different functions...agitation and spin, for instance.
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I would check to see if the snap ring on the new clutch has backed off of become disconnected. I looked at the video on line but I am not sure what caused the clutch to engage, I could be RPMs but the fact that you replaced the clutch and it worked means either you inadvertantly fixed another problem when you were poking around ,or the clutch has issues.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify, boilermonster: I did not replace the clutch. I did replace the motor coupler. The agitate and spin cycles worked again three times, then stopped working. I'm guessing the clutch needs replacement, too?

And Thorzdad, I think it's too new (5-10 years old) for a wig-wag (great part name!) but I'll investigate further.
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