STD/AIDS PSA from early 90s
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A public service announcement from the very early 90s intended to spread STD awareness by describing how, when you sleep with someone, you are having sex with every person with whom your partner has had sex. Can you help me find video, audio or print collateral from this PSA?

There was a poster in my midwest high school that I remember having a dark background and many faces on it, and I recall a related radio or TV ad that had a sort of chant that went something like this (names made up; I don't remember the names specifically):

Suzy slept with Larry
and Larry slept with Sally
and Sally slept with Mark
and Mark slept with Annie
and Annie slept with Matthew


Any ideas would be helpful; thank you!
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I remember the television ad. "...and he had sex with two people, and they had sex with two people"

Completely ungooglable, too.
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No, the "two people...two people" ad was for clairol shampoo and how it's so good you'll tell everyone.
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It's not the PSA you recall from the early 90s, but there is a topically near-identical 8-page feature in my much-treasured 'AIDS' issue of Colors (no. 7), published in June 1994. In the contents pages, the feature is titled "AIDS is a one-night stand". I've just scanned it and uploaded it to Imgur for you to see.
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This is the one I remembered. I think it's Australian though, not US, so probably not what you are looking for.
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Response by poster: So close yet so far! Thanks for the affirmation that my memory is real and for the upload/links. As you expected, those aren't the exact campaigns I recall but the theme is the spot on. This might give me a little more Google fodder. The search continues...
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I apologize if you are really looking for that specific campaign, but here's a more recent PSA on the same theme. Super creepy.
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