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Inspired by this comment, I realize that there are many bands that I really love but I never know when their music comes out. I've missed out on decades! I use Songkick to keep track of live shows and keep up with NPR's "All Songs Considered" through my spouse, but I'd love to hear about ways that y'all keep track of music that you love on a more regular basis. Live shows, new albums, anything. Music tastes are below the fold, if it matters.

Below is a list to give an example of the type of music I like, but it may not matter. I realize that I can find new artists on something like Spotify, but I'd love something that will tell me when albums come out.

The I Don't Cares (with Paul Westerberg and Juliana Hatfield)
Jeff Buckley
We Were Promised Jetpacks
Modest Mouse
The Hold Steady
Broken Social Scene
Twilight Singers, Afghan Whigs, Greg Dulli
Nina Simone
Ryan Adams
The National
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Do you know about Daytrotter? They're a small studio that does intimate live sets similar to Tiny Desk Concert, and they have a weekly email with updates. We have similar taste and their online and vinyl archive has a lot of stuff I enjoy.
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If you "follow" an artist on Spotify, the site will send you a notification when a new release comes out.
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You can find out (and easily be notified if a favorite musician/band has new songs out, which usually means a new album....if you significantly use YouTube by subscribing to the channels of your fav musicians, and then when they have new stuff out, it usually shows up on your page with video, new songs, and sometimes there is a new announcement (ie, going on tour on dates...album will be released on xxxx).

I just did a quick search for a few of your groups. Some don't have channels, but Jeff Buckley and Modest Mouse do. So hit subscribe, occasionally go to your home page, and/or check on your subscription page.

Although it becomes very sad when fav musicians don't have new stuff out for...years, which is infinity in the YT universe.
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I've been doing radio for eons and decided yesterday to start recommending a handful of new albums every Friday when they're released digitally. Link is in my profile.
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Further to my earlier comment, I should note that the in-house Spotify new releases notification feature can be unreliable. There is, however, a rather useful third-party app that harvests tracked artists from your Spotify account and displays recent and upcoming releases for them (as well as concerts) within a single list interface:
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i use a combination of social media. i follow artists on spotify, twitter, youtube, facebook, and bandcamp (as applicable). if they're any good at self promotion they'll tell you when they're doing something new.
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Spotify's recommendations are pretty decent once it's got a hold on your tastes - listen to enough stuff you like and it'll recommend similar things. Or find something you like, right-click and start a radio station from that. The algorithm is really pretty good now, and the discovery tab lists new releases it thinks you'll like, which will usually include new albums by artists you've previously listened to.

Also, there's a lot to be said for curation - by which I broadly mean radio, but probably podcasts too. Going by your list of artists, I think you'd like BBC 6Music - the main daytime playlist leans very heavily in the All Songs Considered sort of direction, but with a British bent. The daytime shows are only very sparsely playlisted (compared to commercial stations) so the individual DJs get to showcase plenty of stuff they like, too. The specialist shows are great for discovering the stuff you wouldn't ordinarily encounter - they're often presented by musicians themselves, and they're really diverse - everything from Welsh-language alt-folk through Hungarian choral jazz to psychedelic krautrock and straight-up New York punk.
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I check metacritic's new album section every month or so to see if any bands I like have released something new.
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The British music magazines Mojo and Uncut cover a lot of the style of music that you like. If you get the slightly pricy physical subscriptions, both come with a monthly CD of music, which tend to alternate between themes and best new music. I've discovered a lot of great music through both - the curated playlists are kind of like hanging out with a knowledgeable clerk at the type of record store that doesn't really exist any more.
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