Sorry, IKEA, it's not you, it's me.. at least where bedding is concerned
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We have a glorious bed and mattress. We have a fantastic duvet cover and sheets. We do NOT have a fabulous duvet insert comforter or pillows -- they're currently IKEA ones that are just not doing it for us anymore. What on earth do we replace them with? MeFi, HELP US SLEEP BETTER! I need recommendations for down-alternative pillows and a duvet-insert for a king-sized bed.

Sleepy snowflake details:

Comforter: We're in Southern California, so our emphasis is on all-season, not warmth -- and between Mr. Erst and our big snuggly beastdogs who sleep on the bed, I'm pretty sure we could do without a comforter at all except for the fact that we have trouble sleeping without the weight and tucked-in feeling that a comforter provides.

Pillows: I like firmer pillows, Mr. Erst likes big fluffy ones. We both hate memory-foam style pillows -- we've tried four different kinds, shaped and unshaped, and they just don't do it for us. I'm a side-sleeper, he's an all-over-the-place sleeper.

Everything has to be hypoallergenic and preferably available for ordering online. Help us sleep, MeFi!
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Have you ever tried buckwheat hull pillows? They're very different, and not to everyone's taste, but I love mine. I ordered it online, but I forget the site. It's nice because you can add and remove material to adjust how big and firm the pillow is.
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Got my buckwheat pillow on Amazon for a good price - they are well worth a try. Unlike memory foam, you can make a little dip for your head with your hand and then it stays how you've made it.
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I like the Isotonic pillows sold by Bed Bath & Beyond. Super, super comfy, and designed for side-sleepers or those who sleep on their backs/stomachs.
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I hear good things about the down alternative comforters from Cuddledown, though I don't have one myself. They are currently having a sale (through Feb. 28). You might also be interested in reading their guide on synthetic pillows; even if you don't get a pillow from them it might help you decide what kind you want.
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