Help me find a replacement power cable for my receiver
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I have a Marantz receiver that uses a C17/18 power cable. I just got a new media cabinet and it is shallow enough that the door will not close due to the clearance required for the reciver's power cable. I would like to find a replacement cable with a right angle at the female end. Please help!

I'm not finding many replacement C17/18 cables, especially ones with right angle female plugs. Can I use a C13/14 cable instead or would that setup fry my receiver (and me in the process)? I read in this separate question that I might be able to remove the ground pin from a C14 plug--true/good idea?

What else do I need to look out for (amps, gauge...)?

Specific product recommendations welcome.
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Here's a C17/18 cable with a right angle at the female end. I never heard of that company, so here's another one from monoprice.
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Interpower has what you need in a large variety of lengths and connector configurations. I've bought quite a bit of stuff from them and they make quality stuff with great customer service.
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I should also mention that they do custom stuff at quite reasonable prices.
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Seconding Interpower. Years I ago I used them a LOT for all sorts of weird international power configutations.
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Many options available from Amazon
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Response by poster: I should have been clearer in my original question. I have not had any trouble finding right angle versions of C13/14 cords (three prong on both ends). The inlet on my receiver has two prongs (connects to C18 cord end). My question was where to find a right angle version of a C17/18 cord (based on responses to date I can try Interpower), or failing that, could I safely use a C13/14 cord? I appreciate the links to the C13/14 cords but no one has confirmed that that is a safe solution so far. My own reading elsewhere suggests that a C13/14 cord will be fine and that the fact that the grounding line doesn't get connected to the equipment isn't an issue. That's probably the route I will take unless someone chimes in here to say it's a no go. Thanks to all for the assistance!
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Best answer: Yes, your reading is correct. The C13 cord's ground connector just won't be connected, which is totally safe as your equipment is not designed to be grounded.
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