Automated data collection for playtesting games-- does it exist?
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I'm a programmer with interests in game dev, data analysis and data science. It seems to me that A/B testing would be a cool thing to implement for playtesting games, along with data on in-game choices, playtime and satisfaction rankings. Is there an application/library/suite/engine that already does this? Is it free and/or open source? Or could this be a fun, albeit super-long, project for me to work on?
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Best answer: Game telemetry is basically the search term you're looking for. If/how/how much game developers collect & use gameplay data varies wildly with the style of game, and from studio to studio, but this is definitely something lots of folks are doing. Though I don't think satisfaction rankings are as easy to collect, they do for sure look at what points people stop playing.

I can't point to a particular package that people use. I would be surprised if nobody's trying to sell various solutions for this though. I'm sure there's also a million home-grown solutions, since game developers in particular seem to like writing their own dumb version of everything.
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Google Analyics can be used to track pretty much anything that can send a request to the GA servers. It's used a lot on phone/tablet apps and games, but can be used on other games.
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