iPad app for word-level embedding of files/comments plus Pencil writing?
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I may be chasing an imaginary beast, but here goes: I'm looking for an app for my iPad Pro and all its screen real estate that will allow me to take text (whether copied in or written in the app) and link text/graphic files and comments to individual words of the text. Ideally, this will also support Pencil/stylus entry so I can link sketches or handwritten notes to individual words as well.

I've tried Notability and Evernote, and neither seems to have that functionality. Academic apps seem better at compiling documents than at providing the ability to create the web of links I have in mind. I imagine it like a more-robust version of mousing over text and having a preview image appear.

At this point, I'd like to use this imagined app for classical language study: linking a PDF page of a grammar here, a screen grab of a verb paradigm there, while allowing me to type or handwrite notes for translations/observations.

I could also see it used to attach relevant images, thumbnail sketches, etc., to a script for storyboarding.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
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