Rolling my own personal news digest!
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I'd like to automate my daily consumption of longform articles, MeFi posts, Youtube videos and funny gifs, into one email or RSS post.

I have a serious fear of missing out so I subscribe to a ton of sites through Feedly. I also subscribe to quite a few newsletters. I'd like to take all of my favorite sources, filter them, combine them and output them in a bare bones, stripped down Markdown or HTML type email or webpage. How can I do so?

My current set-up involves combining and filtering a few feeds with the help of FeedRinse, and then subscribing to them through Feedly. I also have IFTTT set-up, but it can't be automated to strip down formatting and convert to Markdown or HTML. The problem with this is that it still breaks everything up into multiple posts, has crappy formatting and doesn't reduce the number of places I need to go to.

Also, there isn't a simple way to get the full text version of RSS posts for me to be able combine some of my other favorite sources. How do I do so?

I don't mind paying for a service if you've used it in the past and found it useful. I've heard of Huggin but since they don't provide a hosted solution, it's slightly too complicated for me to deploy.

I loved Yahoo pipes and thought it was awesome! I miss the functionality and the ability to do a ton of cool stuff. Does there exist something somewhat even close to it?
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You might like Newsblur because it lets you train your feeds. So if there's a feed you like, but you don't want to see a specific author or you only want to see a specific category, you can set it to show you what you want.
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