Because no airline flies nonstop from BNA to PVG.
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Thanks to some super cheap plane tickets, I'm traveling alone next week, departing from BNA and flying to BOS. Is 2.5 hours enough time to get onto an international flight to PVG in Terminal E on Tuesday at Boston Logan airport? Will 3.5 hours be enough time coming back? Do I have enough time to munch on a Lobster Roll at BOS? Semi-special snowflake: I've got 2 separate itineraries, and still debating whether I want to check in luggage.

I've got a flight with Southwest next Tuesday leaving from BNA (Nashville) to BOS (Boston Logan). I booked the earliest non-stop flight to Boston which arrives at 1:00 PM and my international flight to PVG (Shanghai) with Hainan Airlines departs from Terminal E at 3:35 PM. With my return flight from PVG, I'm supposed to arrive in BOS at 2:35 PM and my flight to BNA is at 6:05 PM.

I was planning to check-in a piece of luggage, but if I'm cutting it too close would it be better for me to carry it on instead from BNA to BOS since Southwest is quite generous with carry-on luggage sizes and then check in my luggage at BOS for my flight to PVG? I know i'm flying out of Terminal E in Boston but my Southwest ticket didn't say which terminal I was flying into. These flights are on two separate tickets, do I have enough time to make the connection? What about my return trip back? I picked the cheapest earliest/latest flight into/out Boston Logan as possible. And of course most importantly, will I have enough time to get a lobster sandwich??

I know I'm pretty much screwed if I can't catch the BOS to PVG flight and the returning BOS to BNA. Please reassure my anxieties MeFi!
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Best answer: I fly into BOS quite frequently and lately have had major delays with checked bagged showing up on baggage claims. I would expect bags to show up at least 30+ minutes after you pull into gate.
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Best answer: According to the Massport website, Southwest uses Terminal A (which has a long extension). If you can manage with a carry-on, it's a minor inconvenience and a major load off your mind.
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Best answer: Terminal A has a Legal Seafood which is the Boston based seafood empire from the Berkowitz family. The chain is a Boston staple which has done a ton for building a sustainable fishing program in Massachusetts as well as pretty decent high end dining. It may be pricey for a lobster roll or clam chowder, but it will be good - expecially compared to standard airport fare.
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Best answer: As for the A to E terminal here's a PDF map of terminals at Logan and the guidance on transferring terminals from Massport -- looks like you can take a pedestrian bridge which is a 5-min walk.
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Best answer: If you have the option to carry on your bag coming into Logan, I would. Southwest can be disorganized with their bag claim process and even a 1/2-hour delay in your flight arrival would be an issue.

A to E in BOS is a walk across the airport -- over a bridge, through Central Parking, over another bridge. There is a bus but frankly I find walking is usually faster, maybe 10 minutes or so?
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Best answer: I can't help on the connection question, but there's a Harpoon Tap Room near the end of the Southwest terminal, right near most of the gates. I've had several decent lobster rolls (and several more very good beers) there. On your way home, that's a good option once you've cleared customs and are waiting for your flight.
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Response by poster: Well there's good news and bad news. Bad news is my flight out to PVG is delayed until tomorrow morning, so theres no need to worry about making my flight but I did opt to carry on my luggage anyways. The good news is that the airlines but me up in the hilton (also offered me the option to take $100 to "go home" and presumably come back tomorrow?) that is connected to the airport between terminal A and E. Now I've got all afternoon/night to eat lobster rolls!
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