Logo contest ideas / resources?
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Know any good tutorials or resources on visual effects? My company is having an animated logo contest, the winner would become the 'stinger' for our reel. I'm not sure I'll win, but I would like to have an interesting submission. I just don't have a decent idea for the logo, nor do I know much about motion graphics. I know photoshop and 3dsmax (which is what we use at work), so maybe the resouces could reflect that?
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Try the tutorials at creativecow.net and layersmagazine.com.
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Resource: Mograph.
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Second vote for CreativeCow. They've answered a ton of questions for me in the past. Technical constraints aside, it may help to remember that ideally your idea will drive the execution, so rather than thinking about the how-to's, focus on coming up with a good concept. Creative process dictates everything will follow from that; you can always figure out how to make it happen afterwards. Good luck!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone. It was kind of a silly question, which I realized after the nap I took today.
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