Simple email tasking/notifications compatible with gmail+outlook?
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Hi Metafilter, I recently joined a team that needs some simple way of tracking who's doing what in regards to answering email.

Our "Info" email gets sent to everyone on the gmail business account, what doesn't get shared is who has read or responded already.

What I would like to be able to do is see who on the team has seen the email, if someone has responded, and if not, be able to mark an email as someone else's responsibility.

Special twist is that some of my coworkers access their google business gmail email through Outlook, and are very unlikely to change that.

We currently have several licenses of salesforce, but it's much more than we need and we'd like to cut it. Streak looks great but it doesn't seem compatible with people accessing their email through Outlook.

Does the hive mind have any ideas?
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We use the Hubspot CRM for this. It's clunky and unreliable but the price is right and it does exactly allow you to easily record all interactions with a set of contacts.
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Oh and it tracks email from most places. You can track just the sending of an email or what was said.
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Response by poster: I wanted to drop in and say that I appreciate the input Potomac.

It appears this is'n't a very common scenario, so I might be better off pushing for a gmail switch.
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