What's the job market for physical therapists like in the US? NYC?
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My GF is considering a career change, and we both think PT could be a great fit. I am curious what the job environment for PTs is right now!

We live in the NYC area (Queens), and would love to make it work here if possible...but I know many metropolitan areas are fairly saturated with medical providers! I'd also just appreciate any guidance in general you'd pass along. Any warnings? Any suggestions? Any particularly good programs in the NYC area? Etc
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I just had a talk with a physical therapist about the job market this morning. She said it's much better than for other health care professionals. We're in the Philadelphia area, and she's been in PT for about 25 years, but she said people entering the field right now usually don't have a problem finding a job. Might not get your first choice of job, but you'll at least have one.

According to the American Physical Therapy Association, PT jobs were expected to grow 36% between 2012-2022, and the current median salary is $85,000.
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I don't now about the NYC job market but the need for physical therapists is growing. See this Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational OUtlook.
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A friend of mine is in training to become a PT, it was very difficult for them to get into a program and they had to wait a year. Might want to go ahead and get applications in even if she's not sure yet.
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