Is there a short story set on the Golden Gate bridge?
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I'm trying to remember the author and title of a story (at least, I think it's a story). All I really remember is a parent, I think a dad but I could be wrong, sitting in traffic on a bridge. I believe there are at least two kids in the car, and there might be some kind of accident or disaster ongoing or impending, hence the traffic. Possibly earthquake related because I think it's in the Bay Area? I'm pretty sure it's the Golden Gate bridge? But it might just be a generic/elsewhere bridge and I made it the Golden Gate in my mind. It could also be an opening/early scene in a novel? But I feel pretty sure about the short story part, at least. I wish I remembered more, but I know this exists and it's driving me crazy. Short story with parent(s) in car with kid(s) on bridge, possibly set in the Bay Area: ringing any bells?
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It's not a short story, but maybe Paperquake? YA novel, bay area, impending earthquake. At some point the main character phones in a (fake) bomb threat on the Golden Gate, I think.
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The Stephen King short story "The Mist" ends with a makeshift family (led by the Dad) driving out of Bridgton, Maine, sitting in the car trying to find news on the radio after their town is decimated by a weird mist full of dangerous creatures that were possibly spawned by an army test gone wrong.
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Best answer: "Today Will Be a Quiet Day" by Amy Hempel.

It's here
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Response by poster: YES, Amy Hempel! Thank you so much.
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