Upping my UI/UX design game
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I need to improve my skills at making mobile apps (and websites) usable and beautiful. What resources do you recommend?

This is kinda similar to my question last year about interior design - I got such great answers to that, I thought I'd try again!

As I mentioned in this answer, sometimes I do my own design work for side projects and little things I release for free. I like to think that I'm a little better than the average developer (maybe I'm deluding myself), but I know I'm not great. I'd love to up my game both in terms of visual design, and UX and interaction design.

Most of what I'm doing lately is mobile apps, but I'm interested in improving my web design skills as well. I'm not looking for tutorials about using the tools (I know Sketch, Photoshop, and Illustrator very well).

I'd especially love to hear about books, video series, and online classes you recommend. I'm willing to invest some money and time on this, but since it's just for hobby/fun projects, I probably can't justify taking offline classes, etc.
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For website UX, this is a good book: "Don't make me think" by Steve Krug
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I'm a programmer with a penchant for design, and I've been shoring up my UX game with the Krug above and "Thoughts on Design" by Paul Rand, and I've found that this is just enough knowledge to be dangerous, which is pretty close to a goal for me.
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Smashing Magazine has good coverage of UI/UX related material. Plus, they put out books at a fairly good clip, well worth checking out.
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It's literally just practice so best combined with other resources, but the Daily UI is a good way to just get some practice and stuff for your portfolio.
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Luke Wroblewski is one of the best people to listen to re mobile design (and design in general). He has a huge number of presentations you can jump into as well as his blog and several books.
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Design galleries with ways to design web things.
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I've always thought Joel Spolsky's User Interface Design for Programmers has some great fundamental principles.

I also like this longer and shorter slideshow presentation by John Ronsse.
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You might find some ideas you like at the new code.
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