What games are popular in Canada?
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A good friend is moving to Vancouver (from the US) and I'd like to get him a Canadian board/card game or two as a going away gift. What games are popular in Canada? Or classically Canadian? Or have a Canadian version that is different enough from the US'ian to matter?
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Trivial Pursuit was invented in Canada. You could get the Canadian edition.
Vancouveropoly is a good way to learn areas of town.

But I'm not sure there's otherwise a big Canadian board game out there. We pretty much play what they do in the US.
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I'm sure you can find a set of Sorry! at a thrift store good enough for a stupid joke!
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True Dough Mania or IQ2000 are uniquely Canadian but (way) out of print.

Crib/cribbage is super Canadian and a crib board might be a good gift.
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Crokinole or Pichenotte are pretty Canadian, as far as that goes.
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Canada's pretty big, though, and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't much of an association with it out west.
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It would be funny to give him a Canadian Edition of Monopoly
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Trivial Pursuit is what I came in to suggest. I wouldn't get the Canadian version, though. I have played it and was absolutely stumped on most of the questions to the point where it wasn't fun to play.

I'm Canadian and play crib and didn't know it was a Canadian thing. If it is then definitely get them a crib board. Everyone loves crib! FIFTEEN TWO, BABY!
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Not really a board game, but table-top hockey games are very popular. Or at least they were, before kids got smartphones.
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I was also going to recommend crokinole.
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You can get the Cards Against Humanity Canadian edition (or the replacement card deck at least).
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Another vote for Trivial Pursuits. The editions thing is tough. Presumably he's going to play with Canadians and so you'd need the Canadian edition or they wouldn't get anything. But if you get the Canadian edition, your friend might not know anything. I would get the Canadian. Sure, he'll lose a lot, but people can explain things to him and it's an opportunity to learn about his new home.
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i didn't know there was s Canadian edition of Trivial Pursuit, but then I haven't played regularly since the Genus edition days (if in doubt, the answer is Richard Nixon). I'm Canadian. I play Crib.

Maybe Snakes and Ladders? That's Chutes and Ladders in the US, I think, which always sounds weird.
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I should clarify that I suggested the Canadian edition if you wanted him to learn Canadian factoids and not because I was thinking playability. My friends and I used to just sit around reading the cards.

Very few people on the West Coast play Crokinole or crib, as far as I know. I did play them when I lived in Central Canada, though.
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Mini Sticks? I'm not a Canadian but I am related to some (by marriage). Not a board or card game but a good way to sprain a finger or break a window.
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Best answer: Second vote for tabletop hockey. As for Crokinole and Pichenotte, they may be a thing here but I never heard of them and grew up on the Ontario/Quebec border. Euchre was quite popular where I grew up but it's a card game and a deck of cards makes for a sort of boring gift. Rummoli was another card game, and it involves a board, but I gather it's also called "Michigan Rummy" so clearly it's not a Canadian thing only.
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Response by poster: Thanks all! He already plays cribbage, so that's good, and has been playing Tripoli, so Rummoli seems like the perfect fit.
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