Youtube video's to use in training: various business topics
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I am looking for short (<5 min) video's / clips I can use in training and coaching. The video's will be combined with more 'boring' theoretical slides about topics like: change management, leadership, strategy deployment, process improvement, customer excellence, hospitality. My youtube collection is in desperate need of an update. Explanation and examples of what I am looking for are in the 'more inside' part of this question.

The videos will be used mostly in training, as a transition from one topic to another, or to give a different and lighter view on a topic. That way, it can be an informal way to start a discussion.

The shorter and the more recent the clip is, the better. Youtube is obviously full of video's, but I can't see the forest for the trees: there is too much and too much mediocre video's. I am looking for quality over quantity, so please share only your really good ones. Ones you have used or experienced yourself.

Examples of the kind of things I am looking for are this video explaining change management in one minute. This golden oldie using a video of a dancing guy to discuss leadership (but preferably of a better quality). This video, in which the toyota production system is explained in the context of hurricane Sandy. Or even something like commercial that can be used to explain a topic like understanding needs (example, again this one is too old and of bad quality).

Thanks for sharing your best ones.
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As a professor, I'm sort of in the same boat as you. In my experience you just have to search and search.
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