alternative music scene in iran
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Hey, I have been a dj in the past for all kinds of experimental music and am seeking to expand my aural horizons with specific interest in this part of the world. This might be a long-shot, but is anyone familiar with any kind of experimental scene there? I'm heavily interested in electronica as well, but something deep and dark. Are there any publications or sources you could refer me to?
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This Quietus article isn't quite what you're looking for but might be a good start
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I'm not sure if these have exactly what you want, but try having a listen through some of Ajam Media Collective's mixtapes.
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Here is an interview with Sote (Warp Records) based in Tehran. He speaks about the experimental scene in Tehran.
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Check out Ahu Karimi, specifically this record which is second to none underground deep house. [youtube]
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You might take a look at the scholarly work of ethnomusicologist Farzaneh Hemmasi. She has written about Persian popular music both in Iran and LA. You'd have to dig in to see if she's written about electronica etc, but she does have something called “ ‘The Iranian Music Revolution Has Been Uploaded!: Iranian Underground Music Online and On the Ground” that might be worth tracking down to help construct your playlists....
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Get in touch with Cedrik (or Kirdec)...
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A compilation of experimental music by Iranian artists
I believe that compilation is curated by Arash Akbari
Porya Hatami
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Response by poster: Guys, you are all awesome. Thank you so much.
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