Cheaper web hosting solution for my blog, email and static landing page?
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What would you suggest for a hosting solution for my WordPress blog? I need it to have support for a couple of static pages and pointing to top-level domain name

I currently have a Wordpress blog at my own domain name (sub-domain, actually) through I update it once every few weeks and there is not much traffic hitting it. The only reason to keep the blog running is to provide a professional anchor to any web searches and also to enhance my reputation for any references/networking folks.

I also use the email server facility there to have a - the webmail UI is terrible, so I simply forward all email to GMail.

I have a static page at that links to my Linkedinprofile, my blog, Twitter handle, my CV etc.

I joined when bluehost offered a package for 3 years, but now its gotten quite expensive. I am looking for any recommendations to move all of this to a single service or to different services, but retain my domain name across all of them.
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Best answer: I have been a very happy customer of for my extremely modest webhosting needs. It's a pay-as-you-go model, so if your site is small, it's pretty economical. They are kind of bare-bones, but whenever I've had to deal with Support (once or twice in eight years!) they've been very good.

I do not use their email service, so I can't provide any insight on that front.

In 2015 I paid $21.27 for hosting for the year.
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If you're up for migrating from WordPress to Octopress, you could go with fully static hosting, which ranges from pennies a month to completely free.

As for email, you could edit the DNS record to route it directly to Gmail.
posted by Phssthpok at 9:31 PM on February 23, 2016 [1 favorite] is $19/year. I don't know how they'd handle high traffic but for my very low traffic sites they've been great.
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Best answer: Another shout for NearlyFreeSpeech. I pay a lot less than invokeuse: my site gets almost no traffic so I pay next to nothing. If your site is busier, I like Namecheap hosting where my partner's bill is about $20/quarter.
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Another vote here for Nearly Free Speech.
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I've been happy with, which is between $4 and $5 per month.
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Host the website at github pages for free, shift the domain to Google domains and pay $12 / year to forward your email wherever you like (so, in this instance: gmail).

Man, I should be doing this. Currently paying a tiny fortune for domain hosting / email mx!
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(You can also host a static website on Amazon S3 for pennies IIRC, but it’s a bit more complex to set up.)
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I use A Small Orange's $5/month plan.
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I use Hawkhost and I pay about $40/yr total for 10G, which is more than enough for your needs.
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Response by poster: Thanks - I now have a few options to explore

Hosting on Amazon S3 seems cheapest although there is a quite a bit of work to be done to get it up and running.

At this point, I want to stay with Wordpress, since I have a few plugins that I need and I also have a purchased theme that will not work with other blog platforms :(

Hawkhost seems the best fit, since it offers direct Wordpress installation (compared to A Small Orange), but I need to dig a bit deeper.

I also have to figure out the email part as well.
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