Searching for 80's children's Christian music album title
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I am trying to locate/remember a children's Christian music album title that I remember listening to when I was a child in the early 80's.

What I know:

This album was sung/narrated by an Australian sounding person.
The story and songs were Christian in nature and included children's voices/singing.
The general story line was the characters were travelling in a hot air balloon to places around the world (likely to spread Christianity).
One particular song I remember was about a didgeridoo or at least sung about what it was.
This album was (probably) not part of the Kids Praise collection (Psalty the Singing Songbook). I've checked all those albums and none cover the hot air balloon storyline.
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Music Machine?
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Was it Patch the Pirate? I don't think there was an Australian accent, but I definitely remember an episode (on cassette!) that featured a hot air balloon.
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Response by poster: Definitely not Patch the Pirate.

I looked at Music Machine. It is possible it was one of the albums, although I don't think it was, I'll have to go through the albums.
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I had Music Machine, Bullfrogs and Butterflies and Nathaniel the Grublet. All my friends from church had the same albums. This sounds like one of the Agapeland series but not one of the above? I grew up in NZ btw
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