App that shows incoming sms messages in a stream?
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I want to be able to show the text of incoming messages, regardless of who they're from.

This is for a presentation where I want real-time feedback from the audience. So while the presenter is on stage, there is a large TV behind him/her that is scrolling the texts that the audience is sending in realtime.

I don't need to display who they're from. Just an autoscrolling list of the text of incoming SMS messages.

Is there an app that can do this, either natively or with a bit of fiddling? Android or iOS, either one.

As for getting the output from the phone to the largescreen TV....maybe I need to cast it? Ideas welcome there also.
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I have seen this done using a new Twitter account. I don't know if it would still work with the new Twitter algo, but it was a streaming timeline of questions and comments.
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The way it's done with Twitter is with a hashtag. When you click on the hashtag you can sort by All instead of Top for real-time. Though there's about a minute of lag and you may have to click to show new tweets.

Actually though I would suggest using one of a million browser based chat rooms where you can make your own room and send out a link. I've used them for chats during live stream events. Then people can just pick a username that's "anonymous" in origin.
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well, but OP probably doesn't want people talking to each other appearing on the screen, which is what happens with open chat. I would look at something like Twilio for this.
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