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I want to buy a 38mm Hamilton Men's H70455863 Khaki Field Automatic Watch. I'd love to buy it used, but most of the used Hamilton Khaki Field Watches I see are the larger 42mm or 46mm versions. Do you have any suggestions of places to buy this watch used? It retails for ~$400; I'd love to get it for ~$200.
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Are you keeping an eye on therealreal? Looks like they have a few Hamilton watches.
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If you're willing to wait until that particular model crops up, WatchRecon?
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Most of the dealers are European, but there are plenty of North American dealers selling what you are looking for at chrono24.
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You might try the forums at They have a sales forum you can search for keywords like 'hamilton' or the model number. You might be waiting a long time if you're that specific about which watch you want to buy, though, since as watches go ~$400 isn't at the high end to begin with, so there's not going to be a ton of resale. I'm not trying to get down on you or anything; I have a similar Hamilton (H70615733) and like it very much, and am quite happy with it for the $450 or so I paid for it. I'm just saying that the forum-based resale market is going to have more volume at a higher price point because the margins on these watches aren't as big.
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Echoing what deanc said, chrono24 is basically the ebay of watches. I see 3 results there just by searching for Hamilton + the reference number. You may actually get a better deal buying from a European dealer, as the current EUR<>USD exchange rate is something like 1.1EUR<>1.00USD
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