Seeking secure iOS app to store photos of IDs and other private docs
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I'm looking for an app where I can securely store photographs of my IDs- these might include drivers license, passport, health insurance card, etc. From what I can tell, LemonWallet used to do this but was discontinued. Is there an equivalent that is still available?

I might be OK with using one of the "vault" private photograph apps but I'm not sure which one is best. I don't need anything "secret" (i.e. it doesn't need to look like a calculator or anything) but it should be password/PIN protected. I'd prefer that the app stores everything on my phone, and doesn't sync or backup anywhere.
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I use Dropbox for that. The Dropbox iOS app is password protected if you turn it on.
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There's one called 'Safe +' that a friend of mine uses. It's one of those password manager apps, but also allows you to store photos.
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There are a bunch of weird calculator looking apps that the kids use for porn but I have used to store a photo of my drivers license.
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1password uses secure encryption and can save pictures, notes, credit card info, etc along with passwords. It has plenty of sync options including no syncing.
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I use My Disk for that and I've been really happy with it. I think it's exactly what you are describing.
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1password from agilebits. Secure as it gets.
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How do you store photos in 1Password on iOS? I've had times I've thought of doing that but I've never seen a way. I know I can attach them in the desktop app and it gets synced over, but I don't think you can do it directly in the iOS version?
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Best answer: Last pass can do this, too.
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Response by poster: The Last Pass functionality looks good! It doesn't look like 1Password can do this right from the phone (as primethyme points out).
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iOS 9.3 will be released soon and it will add the option of password/fingerprint security to the Notes app. You could add photos of your IDs to a note and secure them with the new feature.
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Response by poster: Thanks all- lot of good options here. I'm using LastPass for now- it has a nice UI and seems to do the job. Looks like several of these suggestions would work well.
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turn on storage encryption
disable cloud backup of photos
store photos like you would any photo
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