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My routine has changed recently and I need to be able to shower at the gym, and I'd prefer a gym where I can change afterward in private. Does one exist in lower Manhattan?

I'm not all that comfortable being naked in the locker room. I'm looking for a gym, in NYC but hopefully in lower Manhattan, where

1) I can shower and change clothes in private, and
2) I'm not going to be weird or the only one who cares about this in a room full of naked dudes.

I have plenty of mental obstacles about exercise but I think removing this one would help a lot.
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The women's locker rooms at Equinox have private changing spaces; you'll have to ask them if they also do for men.
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Or you can change in a toilet stall.
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None of the gyms in lower Manhattan that I've been to had this.
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I'm with you--I'm a guy who had a lot of discomfort with this as well. (My solution, unfortunately, was basically the same as samthemander's.) That said, the gym I currently belong to just outside of Boston has two completely private unisex bathrooms that are used for showers and changing, so it's not unheard of that places would offer this, but this one is more of a boutique gym with a small membership and a specific business model. Not sure what style of exercise you're looking for and what your price range is, but you might try looking at smaller places, which I think would be more likely to have this just by virtue of being in smaller spaces. Kettlebell gyms, gyms focused on personalized/individualized programming, maybe some of the more upscale Crossfit gyms (I did Crossfit for a while and the men's room was pretty spartan and totally lacking in privacy, but mileage varies quite a bit with those places since they're all operated independently and some are more upscale than others), that sort of thing.
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This might be off-base-- but all the YMCAs I have used in the past 10 years (in Michigan, Boston, and Chicago) have 1. private stalls for changing within the larger locker room and at least one private shower stall (so you would still be parading around in a towel when moving from one to the other, but don't actually change or shower with others) and 2. separate individual rooms with a shower and changing area called "family changing rooms" (but no one checks to make sure you've got a family before you go in). I am a woman so #1 may be for ladies only, but #2 seems useful for your purposes.
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Check out the city rec centers. Of those I've gone to, they have an open locker area, but multiple curtained showers and toilet stalls.

Seconding the YMCA...they usually have a disability/family locker room with curtains or a private shower. Cannot speak to Manhattan in this regard.

Planet Fitness is usually a no-go. No enclosed showers, very macho culture.

My personal solution is to change under a towel.
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I work at a Crossfit gym in the Financial District, and we have individual bathrooms for members. You'd have to sign up for Crossfit, totally understandable if that's not your thing. Memail me if you are interested in any other info. Full disclosure: I get zero compensation for signing new members up so I promise there's not hard sell or anything that I'm trying to do here.
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It's super expensive, but chelsea pier's basically has this (the showers have little rooms outside them where you can change). Not everyone does, and so there are plenty of people walking around naked, but no one looks askance if you don't.

(or at least this was true several years ago, and I can't imagine them removing them.
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