Need a Russian translation, please.
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I just bought a Russian clock/timer, and I've been running down some information on it.

I found a wiring diagram, but I don't have the ability to read russian. I'm having the same problem reading the knobs, although I know the left sets the time and winds the mechanism and the right moves the red hand (maybe the alarm?) Can anyone help me out?
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Best answer: Translation courtesy of my wife:

Top left:
Block timer 55M
Electric schema principles

Top right:
Assembly blablablah
Pin layout
Plug seen from side
Rear panel assembly

Red dot:
Unusable pins

Bottom right:
Knob BPB one full turn equals 48 hours
Knob BPM one full turn equals 4 hours

Clock icon:
Left circle: Start/transfer (last word is hard to read)
Right circle: Discard
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Best answer: In this context, I think "Reset" would be a better translation of Сброс than "Discard."
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Response by poster: My thanks to Mrs. Harald74! The more I'm finding out about this thing, the stranger it seems.
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