I need some great books about dinosaurs!
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My son's favorite book is Evolving Planet.What are some other books that I can give him that are similar?

My son loves dinosaurs. However, he's read many dinosaur fact books, and he's kind of bored with them. His favorite book is Evolving Planet, which is basically the Chicago Field Museum's Evolving Planet exhibit in book form. He likes it because it has tons of information about prehistoric creatures, but also about geology and evolution. I'd love to get him more dinosaur books with other facts or themes woven in.

Also, my son is seven...he reads about four grade levels higher, but he's sensitive. He understands predation and extinction, but he would be bothered by gory illustrations.

Thanks for your recommendations!
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Best answer: Life Story, by Virginia Lee Burton.

It's available for Kindle but you really should only go that route if you've got a Fire since all the illustrations are in color.

Since it was written in 1962 some of the information in it is a bit out of date, but not really too bad. It was one of my favorite books when I was that age.
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Take a look at Ken Jennings' Junior Genius Guide on Dinosaurs
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Digging up Dinosaurs, by Jack Horner, is a great book for kids that age. It will give your son an idea of what paleontologists do in the field, not just more dino facts.
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Does he have the Encyclopedia Prehistorica yet? It's dinosaur facts, but in pop-up form, which might be enough to make it exciting. My nephew loves it.
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