How to download complete Facebook message thread (sender and recipient)?
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I'm editing my poetry manuscript and foolishly I've got a few stray poems nowhere else except scattered over some Facebook messenger threads. I'd love to find a way to quickly download threads without scrolling through the whole things, so I can quickly locate the poems I want to add to my draft.

I've tried the method described in this 2013 stackexchange thread but was unable to find the div they specified.

Updated info on this approach, browser plugins, scripts, codey methods or anything else are welcome! I'm aware of Facebook archive, but would love the whole threads as I can get both sides, including feedback and discussion of the poems.

Many thanks!
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Does highlighting, copy, and paste not work for you on this?
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She can't find the item bc the threads are too deep. She wants to download the threads so (I guess) she can dump them into a text file and search them. Do you know how to extract and download a whole messenger thread in one go, is, I believe, the question?
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