Trying to find the Time Warp. No, not that Time Warp.
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When I was a kid in the mid-eighties, my family had a (Sony?) sample CD with music from several electronic musicians. I'm trying to find out what was on that CD so that I might be able to listen to some of that music again. Bonus challenge: I barely remember anything searchable about it!

I don't remember any artist names from the track listing, but from what I remember from the feel of the music it could have had some Vangelis, Wendy Carlos, and/or Phillip Glass.

My memories of the first track are clearest (unless I've totally made them up! Memory is fun!). It was called Time Warp. It started with a boom that quickly crossfaded into white noise with a bandpass filter that swept downward over about a second, followed immediately by a clanking metallic impact. Then, over the course of what felt like 30 seconds or a minute, there was a slow buildup of a droning sound, like the sound of the old Tron light-cycles passed through a gradually opening lowpass filter. This abruptly cut to a synthetic (FM?) bell sound with a long decay.

Soon after (on the same track?) a synth pad comes in on the low end, repeating at a very even pace B,A,B,F# (maybe this is transposed but it definitely went down by a major second, back up a major second, then down by a fourth). Then another pad comes in an octave or two up, B E - - - - - - B F# - - - - - - B G# A - - - G# E B F# - - - - - - (repeat). Other synths come in and generally bring the original plodding cadence to a more triumphant place.

Any ideas?
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Best answer: It's not "Time Warp," is it?

I have a hazy memory of the Telarc label putting out samplers for audiophiles to test their gear on--perhaps something will pop for you from its catalog?
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Response by poster: Yes! That was it! I totally remember the word "Telarc" on the CD itself.
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Here's a youtube vid:
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Response by poster: The VHS artifacts are a perfect companion for my decayed memories. Thanks! The video cuts out just before the repeating phrase I mentioned, which in reality it starts on F#.
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