How do I recreate this referral form on my website?
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For my business website, I'm building an online referral program (refer a friend? you get $20 credit and they get 25% off their first order sort of thing). I've found exactly what I want but I am lost in the wilds of Form apps online. Here is what I want to re-create. I'm not a coder but understand basic HTML. I just want to know what app I need to use to build this form on my site. using WIX here. Recreating the text box whose contents can be button-shared via email + Facebook are key for me.
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Are you doing sales on your site? What Wix or other plugin are you using to do that? Because the answer is steered by that.
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I don't take cards or do sales directly over the web site. We pride ourselves on our phone call customer service
I want to be able to call up my top 200 clients and tell them, "I'll give you X credit towards your next order for every friend you refer me. Your friends will each get X off their first order"
BTW--here's a web page that will make it easy to share this offer with your friends, either by sending an email to them or posting this brief message on their facebook. All you got to do is press this button or copy&paste the text.
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I'm using FormBuilder on WIX for other contact forms but I'm open to anything. I can use their HTML app to inject any code, if my solution can't be found in an app.
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