Finding a therapist in DC
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Looking for personal, tried-and-true recommendations for a therapist in the DC area who works with adult women with autism spectrum disorders and accepts United insurance. Must be transit-accessible.

I don't have any formal diagnoses but I've mentioned some symptoms on here, both social/behavioral and sensory, and after a lot of reflection I decided I want professional help for them. I worked with a therapist before who mostly used DBT techniques that were very useful for managing my anxiety but fell short in terms of helping me with things in this area. I want a provider who can coach me through social and behavioral skills--working from a clinical standpoint, so not a life coach. It would be double extra super awesome if this person has expertise in CBT and sensory processing disorders.

I'll reiterate that I am looking for a personal recommendation for a provider who has helped you or someone you know. I already know how to research providers on my own. Feel free to MeMail me if you'd prefer.
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