Automated Cloud Work-Flows Handling Web Pages
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Sorry for super-inarticulate title. There are web services that will automatically (or on schedule) check web pages, download web pages, push buttons on web pages, etc, and manipulate the result in various ways (e.g. save to dropbox). Anybody know what I'm talking about?

I actually learned about this here, but can't find my bookmarks. For extra points, tell me how to tag bookmarks better so I can actually find this stuff when I need it!!
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Best answer: if this then that?

i don't know a common term but services like ifttt has some suggestions.
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There's also Zapier for businesses.
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"Cloud website monitoring" as a search term will turn up a variety of tools that can do the things you asked about to various levels of sophistication. Are you trying to test servers that you are in control of or third party systems? If it's the latter, "cloud web scraping" may be the search term for the win.
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I switched to Pinboard last year as my centralized bookmark system in the cloud, after becoming disgusted with Mozilla's Sync. Many of my favorite AskMeFi articles are in Pinboard, along with other bookmarks I imported from previous systems. There is a small yearly charge. I just replied since you asked, no pressure, YMMV.
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Response by poster: I've been on Pinboard for years (it's great!), but I guess my tagging isn't thoughtful enough, especially for hard-to-describe links like this, which often just end up un-tagged. But going the other way, extra clever tagging can be storing something in an extra-clever place that's so clever you can't find it again!
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