What is the best way to source beauty and fragrance products for retail?
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I'm new to beauty/fragrance buying - lend me your expertise!

A friend of mine is opening a vintage clothing boutique that will also sell a curated selection of unique beauty and fragrance products. She approached me to help her with the buying process. I have done some buying of kitchwares before, but this is a whole new thing for me. And Google isn't giving me the information I need. What are the best trade shows for finding unique, beautiful beauty and fragrance products? Are there any good online resources? Any advice would be helpful! I am located in the Bay Area, and my friend is in Chicago, so anything local to those areas would be especially useful, though travel isn't out of the question. Thank you!
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I haven't been to this San Francisco event, although I know some people go yearly. I am not sure if it is what you are looking for, but it is local for you and coming right up.
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Artisan Fragrance Salon, linked above, is good for finding indies, which might be a good fit for your friend's shop if she wants to have kind of a quirky indie vibe. They also do one in Seattle. You might also look into FRAGments in LA for the same kind of vibe.

Esxence in Milan is the big international trade show where a lot of the high-end niche brands can be found.
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