None of my mac devices will connect to the internet
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Hello hive. A bit of a head scratcher here Suddenly none of my mac devices will connect to the internet on my network. I was working fine earlier This problem is both wired and wirelessly. My macbook air, iphone and ipad None will connect to the internet However my friend is able to connect with his devices. I deleted and re entered DNS address, restarted everything multiple times. Still no prize. My iphone and my ipad both connect to a 3g network no problem. The only thing these devices have in common is my apple ID What do you think?
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Your Apple ID should only affect trying to connect to Apple services after you get online. Are your friend's devices Apple products, too?
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Response by poster: Yes they are
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Did you restart the router and/or modem, or just the devices?
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I deleted and re entered DNS address...

I don't know how you have your network set-up, but all my devices (also Apple) get their DNS and IP off the router. So, on your Mac, under DNS Server, the setting should be something like
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I'd do a factory reset of the router, update the router's firmware to the newest available, change the SSID/password on the router so your devices see it as a new network, make sure you're using a WPA2 wifi password (not WEP), and make sure the admin settings of the router are password protected too.
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I'd be suspicious of a compromised router or ISP DNS server

In addition to Bluecore's advice, in the network settings of your Mac, change the DNS server to This is Google's public DNS server, they're fine with anyone using it. See if you can connect to the internet.
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Are you running versions 10.10.0 through 10.10.3? (10.10 is Yosemite, btw.) Those versions have Discoveryd rather than mDNSResponder handling DNS lookups, and to say Discoveryd was a flaming disaster of the first order is being kind. One of the symptoms is just this sort of bizzaro DNS lookup failures.

If you are having this and you can't update, you need to shut down *every* device running that software. Not sleep, shut down. This clears a bunch of Discoveryd caches and resets a bunch of things.

But if you're running 10.10.3 or earlier version of Yosemite, update. mDNSResponder fixes almost every oddball networking problem in those releases. Apple closed 30 major issues by rolling back to mDNSResponder.

Other signs -- you get messages about how you're computer's local hostname is already in use and that it's been changed to name-XXX.local, where XXX is a number, you see duplicate machine names on the network, Wide Area Bonjour falling apart, BTTM not working, wake-from-sleep being slow. Just ugliness all around.
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Response by poster: This also happens when hard wired
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Apple ID has nothing to do with anything.

Have you gone through the Network Preferences > Assist Me > Diagnostics steps? If so, what step does it hang up on?

How do you feel about using the Terminal program? It's in your utilities folder, you can open it up and type something like

> ping


> ping

and see if you get results for the second and not the first (indicating that yeah, your DNS is borked)
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Can you connect to your router?
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You need to explain what you mean by: "I deleted and re entered DNS address"
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When you say that you restarted devices, did you just powercycle them? I'm wondering whether you might need to factory reset your modem and/or router. What kind of internet connection do you have? And what is the hardware set up like? Did anything change around the time that your devices stopped connecting?

I could probably work out some troubleshooting steps for you when I have some more info.
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