Identify crime novel about a kidnapped boy
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Help identify this literature/crime novel filter...

From my wife - this is a mystery I read about 15-20 years ago. It involves a young man kidnapping an adolescent boy. The boy is sometimes kept in the trunk of the car and sometimes in an apartment. The boy ultimately dies from falling from the car, and in the end, an older Boston policeman is running after the kidnapper. It was very well done, and had chapters from different points of view, i.e., mother, kidnapper, boy.
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Hmmm. Could it be Rescue by Jeremiah Healy, or Billy by Whitley Strieber? If not, are there any other details you can provide, even small ones?
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As always, the librarians on the Fiction-L list are a good resource if you don't get the answer here. They do this kind of thing all the time.
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My wife doesn't think it's either of those Gator, but thanks for the suggestion. And - mediareport - thanks for the link to the Fiction-L list, we're going to check it out. This *must* be a really obscure book, to only generate two replies on an AskMe post! Jeez, Santa's middle name got more than this!

Keep those suggestions coming, if there are anymore!
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Definitely not Billy; although it's told (not very well, in my opinion) from multiple points of view, it has a different ending.
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I'm really curious about this now. jasper411, can your wife conjure up any other details, a half-remembered line of dialogue, locations, scenarios? Sometimes, like with this question, a small detail like that is what turns up the answer.
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If all else fails, or while you're waiting around for Fiction-L folks to discuss it, you might stop in at your local public library. These kinds of questions are called 'readers advisory,' and librarians are trained in answering them. Along those lines:

Is the book set in Boston, or is it just a Boston detective?
Does she remember anything about the detective--hobbies, former employment, identifying characteristics, etc.?
Does she remember whether this book is part of a series?
Is this literary fiction or genre fiction?
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