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Any recommendations for a high quality non religious online high school program? Not looking to administer home schooling. Need a virtual school.
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Country/state? Virtual Virginia does what you're looking for but unless you're in Virginia...
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Stanford University has one.

Yes, location would be helpful. Do you want a US curriculum? Or some other country's curriculum? Does the student have any special needs? Why are you looking for this, will student be traveling?

A lot of US states offer free online public schooling. the quality varies.
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Florida Virtual School has FLVS Global for out-of-state students.
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Location is Carbondale IL
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US college prep curriculum
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I can't say how much this will help, but more and more public high schools offer coursework online. A student registers as they would if they were physically attending the school and then take all their classes online. If this is for a high school student, you can check your local district.
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Calvert School (located in Maryland) offers a virtual option that you might want to look into.
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You might check out Connections Academy. I've heard good things from a friend about it.
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